Portfolio Management Service

We have achieved an unparalleled reputation as a leading Merchant Banker through providing portfolio management services by maintaining a high level of professional expertise and integrity in client relationships. Keeping customer preferences as an investor in mind, ABIL has designed Investors’ Discretionary Account (IDA), Management Discretionary Account (MDA) and Non-Resident Investors’ Discretionary Account (NRB-IDA).

Types of Accounts:

Investors’ Discretionary Account (IDA):

This leveraged account is managed by the account holder through us. The investor bears the risk of investment and also its gain or loss.

Management Discretionary Account (MDA):

With this account the Management of ABIL, on behalf of the account holder, uses its discretion in managing the account. The investor lays down his/her investment objectives and the Management of ABIL designs a portfolio aligning the investors' risk-return profile.

Non-Resident Investors’ Discretionary Account (NRB-IDA):

ABIL provides portfolio management services to Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB), Foreign Individual and Conglomerates through its own Custodian to interested NRM and Foreign investors in Bangladeshi companies listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange.

Operational Procedure:

Opening of the Account:

Any two Bangladeshi nationals and NRB of sound mind having a minimum age of 18 years may open three IDA/MDA/NRB-IDA -one each in their single name and the other in their joint names.

Building of Portfolio:

A diversified portfolio can be built through investment in IPO, Private Placement and Secondary Market.

Appointment of an Operator:

Account holder may appoint any existing account holder of ABIL as an operator of his/her Account.

Application, Transfer and Collection of Shares and/ or Dividends:

Arranged by ABIL on behalf of the clients.

Safe Custody of Securities:

Securities are kept in the ABIL vault.

IPO and Private Placement:

ABIL furnishes the accountholders, information about forthcoming IPOs and Private Placement through FAX, e-mail and letters upon request.

Statement of Accounts:

ABIL sends portfolio information to the account holders every 6 months. Besides, the account holders may also obtain information on their portfolios any time upon request. Investors can access their portfolio any time from any part of the country through SMS and Phone Service.

Phone Service:

Clients may dial directly to 9569732 Ext-100/102 to get the portfolio position or place trading orders through Phone Service.

Portfolio Statement through Email:

Our clients get portfolio statement through e-mail on daily basis whereas MDA clients receive the same on semiannual basis.

Fees and Charges:

Initial Deposit BDT 10,00,000 BDT 10,00,000 BDT 10,00,000
Loan Facility (optional) Upto BDT 10 crore Upto BDT 10 crore Nil
Documentation charge BDT 1000.00 BDT 1000.00 BDT 1000.00
Settlement Fee* 0.35% on transaction value 0.35% on transaction value 0.35% on transaction value
Portfolio Management Fee* 0.75% p.a., on Portfolio value, charged quarterly 2.00% p.a., on Portfolio value, charged quarterly 0.00% p.a., on Portfolio value, charged quarterly
Rate of Interest* 14.75% per annum 14.75% per annum Nil

Note: ABIL reserves the right to change the interest rate and management fee at any time.

Portfolio Account Opening Form