Senior Management Team

Tarique Afzal (Chairman)

Tarique Afzal
Tarique Afzal

President & Managing Director

Mr. Tarique Afzal joined AB Bank in 2018 as Deputy Managing Director – Head of Corporate, Legal & Regulatory Affairs. Subsequently he has been appointed as the President & Managing Director with effect from July 08, 2019.
Prior to joining AB Bank he was the Chief Executive Officer of Sonali Polaris Financial Technology Limited a joint venture of Sonali Bank and Polaris, India.
Mr. Tarique Afzal, to his credit, has impressive overseas work experiences and worked in London during the late 1980s and in Credit Union in Canada, later served in ANZ Grindlays Bank and Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh.
He also worked in Bank Alfalah, BRAC Bank and served as the CEO for Dun & Bradstreet Rating Agency in Bangladesh.
His core competencies are creating new business streams, operational efficiency, performance improvements and regulatory relationships.

Sajjad Hussain, AMD (Member Secretary)

Sajjad Hussain
Sajjad Hussain

Additional Managing Director

Mr. Sajjad Hussain joined the Bank in February 2014 as DMD Operations and Chief Risk Officer. He has over thirty years of experience in the banking arena and has worked with leading local and multi-national commercial banks in the country and abroad.
Mr. Hussain started his career with American Express Bank Ltd. Bangladesh as Head of Credit Operations (Loan Administration) in 1984. He worked in different capacities over a period of 14 (fourteen) years and lastly, he held the position of Senior Director & Country Operations Officer of the same Bank. Mr. Hussain also worked with American Express Bank Ltd., USA from 1999 to 2005 where he served as Operation Consultant in New York and later as Manager Operations in Miami. Mr. Hussain joined ONE Bank Ltd. in 2008 as Sr. Executive Vice President & Head of Operations and later served as Deputy Managing Director – Operations in Dhaka Bank Limited from 2011 till joining AB Bank. Mr. Hussain holds a BA (with Honors) and MA in English Literature from the University of Dhaka.

Abdur Rahman, DMD (Member)

Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman, DMD

Head of Retail Banking Division

Mr. Abdur Rahman is the Deputy Managing Director – Head of Retail Banking & SME at AB Bank Ltd.
Mr. Rahman started his career in 1994 in ANZ Grindlays Bank, Bangladesh. He has more than twenty five years’ experience in the banking industry out of which 13+ years in world class multinational Banks e.g. ANZ Grindlays and Standard Chartered Bank and 11+ years in renowned private sector Banks e.g. BRAC Bank and City Bank Ltd.
Mr Rahman has enriched his experience of Retail and SME Banking by working in various capacities in Branches and Head Office of ANZ Grindlays, Standard Chartered, BRAC and City Bank Ltd. He was Head of SME Banking of BRAC Bank, country’s leading SME Bank
He played a significant role in growing Retail businesses of City Bank Ltd. while he was the head of all Branches of the bank.
Prior to his joining AB Bank, Mr Rahman was the Head of Branches of Meghna Bank Ltd.
Mr. Abdur Rahman is a post graduate in Social Welfare from University of Dhaka and EMBA from BRAC University, Dhaka.

Mahmudul Alam, DMD (Member)

Mahmudul Alam
Mahmudul Alam, DMD

Head of Credit

Mr. Mahmudul Alam is the Deputy Managing Director & Head of Credit of AB Bank Ltd. since June 2019. Mr. Alam has a versatile career of Banking and Finance and worked in different capacities starting from Credit Analyst to CEO in Financial Institutions and Banks in both home and abroad.
An MBA from IBA, University of Dhaka, he started his professional career from IDLC Ltd. in 1990 and subsequently moved to Mashreq Bank in 1997. He came back and joined Shahjalal Islamic Bank Limited. He served GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) Limited as Additional Managing Director. And before joining AB Bank Ltd. he served as the Managing Director & CEO of Union Capital Limited till 2018.
Mr. Alam participated in numerous local and international Trainings, Workshops and Seminars.

K. M. Mohiuddin Ahmed, SEVP (Member)

K M Mohiuddin
K. M. Mohiuddin Ahmed, SEVP

Chief Financial Officer

Having more than 17 years’ experience in the Bank, Mr. Ahmed worked in different positions at Department of Accounts and Finance. Mr. Ahmed has extensive experience in the arena of financial management, financial control, capital management, taxation, budgetary management, etc. He also worked as Core Team Member and Track Lead of the Core Business Software Upgradation Project of the Bank.
He is the member of various committees of the Bank viz Senior Management Team, ALCO, Executive Risk Management Committee, Procurement Committee, etc. He is also a member of the Trustee of the Board of ABBL Employees Provident Fund.
He completed his Honours & Masters in Accounting from University of Dhaka. Mr. Ahmed attended different training programs, workshops, seminars at home and abroad.

Syed Mizanur Rahman, SEVP (Member)

Syed Mizanur Rahman
Syed Mizanur Rahman, SEVP

Head of Relationship Management and Agent Banking

Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman SEVP and Head of Retail and Agent Banking joined the Bank on March 2009.
Mr. Rahman obtained his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University.
He has over 22 years of banking experience starting with National Bank of Pakistan in 1997. Before joining AB Bank, he worked for Dhaka Bank, IPDC, Bank Al Falah and United Commercial Bank. Over the years Mr. Rahman acquired extensive knowledge in Branch Banking with special focus on Retail business. Prior to becoming a banker Mr. Rahman worked in multi-national companies e.g. Novartis and Youngones Corp.

A.K.M Kamal Uddin, SEVP (Member)

Mahadev Sarker Sumon
A.K.M Kamal Uddin, SEVP

Head of SAM & Recovery

Mr. A.K.M Kamal Uddin, SEVP and Head of SAM & Recovery joined our Bank on 21 June, 2021. Mr. Kamal completed his Honors and Masters from Dhaka University. He started his career at Janata Bank as a Probationary Officer in 1989. Mr. Kamal has 17 years long career with Prime Bank Ltd including more than 10 years as Head of different branches .After that he joined NRB Bank on February 01, 2017 as head of Corporate Banking Division where he looked corporate Assets, Liability, Investment and Foreign Trade Department. Mr. Kamal took part in different training, seminar, workshop in home and abroad including Dubai, Bali, Mumbai etc. He was also a part time trainer of NRB Bank Training Institute in addition to his assigned job.

Z M Babar Khan, SEVP (Member)

Z M Barar Khan
Z M Babar Khan, SEVP

Head of Credit Risk Management

Mr. Z. M. Babar Khan joined AB Bank Limited in 1989 as a Probationery Officer. Prior to taking over charge of Credit Risk Management Division he worked in different functions of the Bank during his 30 years of banking career. Mr. Khan obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Commerce ( Major in Management) from the University of Chittagong. A keen learner, Mr. Khan in pursuance of building his carrier as a professional Banker has participated in a number of training programme and also attended many seminars, symposiums and workshops on Banking in home and abroad in countries like Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India etc. He has ample command in Relationship Banking, Credit and other Core Banking areas.

Iftekhar Enam Awal, SEVP (Member)

Iftekhar Enam Awal
Iftekhar Enam Awal, SEVP

Head of Corporate & SME Banking Division

Mr. Iftekhar Enam Awal started his career with AB Bank Limited as 7th batch Probationary Officer in June 1994 after completing his Post graduation in Finance from the University of Dhaka.

Mr. Iftekhar has practical knowledge of modern Banking. He led a number of Corporate Branches and Divisions of ABBL in different phases. His major professional area comprises of Credit, Foreign Exchange, Branch Operations, Branch Relationship Manager and Divisional Head at Head Office level. Presently, he is entrusted to look after Corporate Business and SME Banking of the bank. He is also a member of various committees like; Core Management Committee (MANCOM), Asset Liability Committee (ALCO) etc. He is also a regular trainer of AB Bank Training Academy and used to take sessions on Credit & Foreign Exchange related topics as internal resource of the Bank.

He attended various training courses and participated in seminars and workshops on different aspects of Banking both home and abroad.

Md. Aminur Rahman, SEVP (Member)

Aminur Rahman
Md. Aminur Rahman, SEVP

Head of General Banking Operations & Service Excellence

Mr. Md. Aminur Rahman joined AB Bank Limited as a Chief Officer in the year 2000 after completion of his MBA. During his 19 years career, he has worked in Department of Finance & Accounts, Marchant Banking, Human Resources Management and Treasury. At present, he is the Head of General Banking Operations and Service Excellence Division. He served as a member of ABBL Capital Market Investment team.Mr. Rahman also performs as the Head of Cashlink Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary company of AB Bank Limited.

Mr. Rahman attended several trainings, workshops, seminars both home and abroad to enrich his professional knowledge.

Golam Mahmud Rizvi, SEVP (Member)

Golam Mahmud Rizvi
Golam Mahmud Rizvi, SEVP

Senior Executive Vice President

Mr. Golam Mahmud Rizvi Joined AB Bank Ltd. on 3rd November 1987. He is an accomplished Banker with more than 31 years of Banking experience in different areas e.g. operations, credit etc.

He served AB Bank as Relationship Manager over a period of 19 years in different branches in Sylhet Region and in Agrabad, Chittagong. In addition to the responsibility of Relationship Manager he also acted as Regional Relationship Manager of Sylhet Region for more than of 11 years.

During his long Banking career, Mr. Rizvi attended various training programs, seminars and workshops at home and abroad.

Prior to joining AB Bank, Mr. Rizvi served as a Junior Executive in a Scandinavian Shipping Company namely United Liners Agencies Ltd. till October 1987.

Mr. Rizvi holds an M. Com degree and B. Com (with Honors) in Management from University of Chittagong.

Md. Jahangir Alam, SEVP (Member)

Jahangir Alam
Md. Jahangir Alam, SEVP

Deputy Chief Risk Officer

Mr Md. Jahangir Alam, SEVP and Deputy CRO of AB Bank since May 2014.

Mr Alam obtained his M.Com (Marketing) and LLB from Rajshahi University (RU) and MBA from Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada. In addition he has a Diploma in Computer Science & Technology from NACTAR and DAIBB from IBB.

He is a Professional having about 36 years of working experience in different financial institutions ranging from first generation to third generation private commercial banks. In the basket of portfolio he held the position of Group CRO, Group Head of ICC, DCAMLCO, Head of CAD, Head of Green Banking, etc.

He has been trained locally and internationally having commanding depth of knowledge, practical experience and skills in running crucial areas connected to overall risk and control mechanisms in commercial banking. He is a regular speaker, among others, at BIBM and BBTA. He has numerous professional skills in Risk Management, Internal Control, Development of Policies and strategies etc.
Apart from regular academic attainment, he obtained degrees from International Chamber of Commerce, France, Global Corporate Governance Forum, USA, International Finance Corporation (IFC), USA and Institute of Export, UK.

M. N. Azim, SEVP (Member)

M. N. Azim
M. N. Azim, SEVP

Head of Financial Institutions and Treasury

Mr. M. N. Azim started his career with AB Bank Limited in the year 1992. Mr. Azim has worked at AB International Finance Limited, Hong Kong during the year 1997 for a period of more than 3(three) years.
During his 25 years of career, Mr. Azim has served in Treasury Back Office, Treasury Front Office and Financial Institutions Division of AB Bank Limited. He has also served with Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited as Head of International Division. Mr. Azim rejoined AB Bank on 2006 as Head of ALM. Later on, Mr. Azim worked as the CEO of AB Bank Limited, Mumbai Branch, India from 2014 to 2017. At present he is serving as Head of Financial Institutions of the Bank.
Mr. Azim completed his Masters in Finance & Banking from Rajshahi University. He attended different training programs, workshops, seminars in both home and abroad.

Sheikh Md. Reajul Islam, EVP (Member)

Sheikh Md. Reajul Islam
Sheikh Md. Reajul Islam, EVP

Head of Treasury Back Office

Mr. Sheikh Md. Reajul is a Executive Vice President & Head of Treasury Back Office at AB Bank Ltd.

Mr. Islam joined AB in 2008. He completed Masters in Accounting from the University of Dhaka in 1984 and C.A. Intermediate in 1989. He has extensive experience in working in different Public, Private Enterprises and Banks including Standard Chartered Bank where he worked in Financial Control Division. He attended different training programs and workshops in the Country and abroad i.e. Dubai, Malaysia and India on Financial Control, Value at Risk, Risk Based Capital Adequacy under BASEL III framework, Treasury Management and Asset Liability Management of Banks.

Mohiuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, EVP (Member)

Mohiuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, EVP

Head of DICC (In-charge)

Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed Chowdhury joined AB Bank Limited in 2006 as Senior Assistant Vice President and has more than 20 years of experience in banking services. During this time, he performed in different capacities viz. as Deputy CAMLCO, Head of Internal Audit, Risk Manager, etc.

He started his banking career with Eastern Bank Limited in 2000 as Senior Principal Officer. Before joining the banking industry, he worked at Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd. and Social Marketing Company (SMC) for a short period.

He is an accounting graduate of the University of Chittagong and obtained his Executive MBA from the BRAC University.

He has a long 18 years career in the field of auditing and compliance (including both in centralized and decentralized banking environments). He has core competence in Internal Control, Auditing, AML & CFT, Risk Management, Banking Operations, Financial Management, etc.

He is a Resource Person of AB Bank Training Academy (ABTA). He has participated in many workshops, seminars, symposiums, and conferences both at home and abroad.

Shabbir Huda, EVP (Member)

Shabbir Huda, EVP

Head of HR (Acting)

Mr. Shabbir Huda has joined AB Bank Ltd. in 2003 and now he is the Head of HR (Acting) since February 22, 2021.

Mr. Huda has over 19 years of working experience in Bank and Financial Institutions.

After completing BBA from IBA (Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka) in 1998, he did his MBA from the same institution in 2001.

Mr. Huda joined AB Bank, in March 2003 and before joining the HR Division, he has worked in CRM Corporate Finance Division.

Major Sk Md Yousuf Reza (Retd), EVP (Member)

Major Sk Md Yousuf Reza (Retd), EVP

Head of General Services, Security & Procurement Division.

Major Yousuf (Retd) has joined AB Bank Ltd on 25 February 2021.He has over 28 years working experience in Bangladesh Army. Besides Army he also served in BGB,BNCC,BUP & United Nations in a number of important staff and command appointments.

He completed his MBA from New Castle University & PGD in SCM from CarersHub Bangladesh.

Before AB Bank he worked in Far East Fashions as GM, Labiba Construction & Development as ED and in National Bank Ltd as Head of System & Operations Division.

He has core competence in logistics,SCM, Procurement,Cost Cutting and Compliance etc.

Khandaker Anwar, SVP (Member)

Khandaker Anwar, SVP

Head of IT and eBiz Operations

Mr. Khandaker Anwar joined the Bank in March 2006 as Principal Officer, IT. Before joining AB Bank, he worked in a World Bank project of Customs Administration and Modernization (CAM). He has over twenty-one years of professional experience.

Mr. Anwar is a member of Senior Management Team, Executive Risk Management Committee, Central Compliance Committee, ICT Steering Committee, ICT Emergency Response Team, and Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT).

Farid Ahmed Fakir, VP (Member)

Farid Ahmed Fakir
Farid Ahmed Fakir, VP

Head of Islamic Banking

Mr. Farid Ahammad Fakir is serving as VP & Relationship Manager, Islami Banking Branch & Head of Islami Banking Division (CC) at AB Bank Limited.
He did his M.Sc with Hon’s in Physics. He started his banking carrier with AB in June 1999. He is also a DAIBB from the Institute of Banker’s Bangladesh.
During his 20 years long banking journey, Mr. Fakir gained extensive banking experience especially in Islami Banking arena and developed wide range of expertise in almost all areas of commercial banking comprising of Treasury/Money Market Function, Investment/Credit, General Banking, Accounts etc.

Najmul Ehsan (Member)

Najmul Ehsan

Chief of Credit Review and Process Management

Mr. Najmul Ehsan has 37 years’ experience in credit risk adjudication in international banks in Bangladesh as well as abroad. He started his career in 1984 with Grindlays Bank in Dhaka where he worked for over 8 years in various credit and marketing functions with his last assignment being as the Area Head of Multinational Corporates. In 1992 joined Mashreq Bank in Dubai where he worked for 12 years, lastly as the Area Head of International Credits. In 2002 he joinedBank of Montreal as a Credit Adjudicator. In 2008 he returned back to the Middle East and joined National Bank of Abu Dhabi where his last designation in 2019 was Head of Credit, after which he joined AB Bank and is currently the Chief of Credit Review and Credit Process Management. Mr. Ehsan holds an MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration, Dhaka University and has attended numerous credit risk related trainings and seminars at various overseas locations.