Photo Identification Document

Issuing Authority

National ID Card (Preferable)

Office of the Election Commission (EC)

Current valid Passport

Department of Immigration & Passports

Birth Certificate


Birth Certificate issued by City Corporations, Municipal Corporation, Union Parishad and other Competent Authorities

Local Currency Accounts

Savings/Current/SND Account
Proprietorship Business Account
Partnership Business Account
Limited Company Account

Foreign Currency Accounts

Private Foreign Currency Accounts
Non–Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (NFCD) Account
Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Account
Convertible Taka Account
Non–Convertible Taka A/C
Resident Investor's Taka Account (NITA)
Non-Resident Taka Account (NRTA)
Foreign National's Taka Account
Temporary Non-Resident Taka Account (TNRTA)