Please help us to serve you best.

AB Bank Limited is committed to providing you with the highest standard of services to meet your needs. You may wish to compliment us, offer suggestions or make a complaint. Please let us know what we do that is of benefit to you, what we could do better, or perhaps differently.

Any issue brought to our attention will be treated in a confidential manner, and discussed only with the people who need to be involved. You can provide your valuable feedback by contacting:

"Central Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell"

Complaints can also be made via this webpage or alternatively you might like to speak to member of our "Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell" directly through any of the following contacts below:

Grievance Re-dressal & Nodal Officer

Branch has arrangement for redressal of customer’s grievances /complaints. Branch installed a physical complaint box in the premises and customers can reach the Nodal Officer as under:

  • Name : Pramod Mazumdar
  • Designation : Senior Relationship Manager
  • Telephone Number : +91-22-66332853
  • Mobile Number : +91-9619191674
  • Email : pramod@abbl.com

If you're not happy we're not happy.

AB recognizes the right of the customer to complain when feeling dissatisfied with the service of the bank. We undertake, wherever possible, to resolve complaints and to prevent similar complaints from occurring.

The policy objective is to provide procedures to control the processing of complaints as way of improving services to our customers, and enhance the public image of the Bank, ensuring that requests are acknowledged courteously and investigated efficiently and effectively.

Steps you can take
There are some steps you can take which will help us to help you:

  • Act quickly: Please tell us about any issue as soon as possible. The longer you wait the less clear the facts can become and harder it can be to find out solution.
  • Make it Clear: Set out the order in which things happened, preferably with dates and descriptions of the incidents, phone calls, letters or meetings, and let us know what action you would like us to take
  • Tackle the problem, not the person: Please remember that what you are concerned about may have been a mistake or an oversight, which would not normally happen.

List of Officers of Central Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell (CCS&CMC) of AB Bank Ltd.

SL No Name of Officer Designation Telephone number E Mail
1 Mahmudul Alam Deputy Managing Director +88-0967855-5107 alam@abbl.com
2 Syed Mizanur Rahman Deputy Managing Director +88-0967855-5341 smizanur@abbl.com
3 Md. Aminur Rahman Head of Operations +88-0967855-5113 aminurrahman@abbl.com
4 Mohiuddin. A. Chowdhury Head of DICC (In Charge) +88-0967855-5628 mohiuddinac@abbl.com
5 Shabbir Huda Head of HRM (Acting) +88-0967855-5118 shabbir@abbl.com
6 Quazi Ashfaq-uz-Zaman AVP-GBO & SE Division +88-0967855-5643 qashfaq@abbl.com

List of Officers of Branch Customer Service and Complaint Management Cell

Branch Name Functional Designation Name Designation Telephone number Mobilenumber E Mail
Motijheel Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Ashish Kumar Debnath SVP 9563015,9563011-14, 01713035244 akdebnat@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Francis Gomes AVP 9563011-14, Ext-120 01819193383 francis@abbl.com
Principal Head of BCS&CMC Kazi Nasim Ahmed EVP 9560312 Ext-260 01711262302 kazinasim@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Ahsan Uddin Sheikh VP 9560312 Ext-228 01712556477 ahsanu@abbl.com
Bandura Head of BCS&CMC Md. Arifuzzaman SPO N/A 01711202962 arifuzzaman@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Biplab Hossain SO N/A 01716637256 biplab@abbl.com
Bhairab Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Md. Habibur Rahman VP 9470340 & 9470351 01772049999 Habibur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Uddipta Kumar Das AVP 9470340 01711223140 Uddipta@abbl.com
Board Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Md. Ataur Rahman VP 9291800-1801 01711709834 ataur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Rezaul Karim SPO 9291800-1801 01760713838 rezaul@abbl.com
Comilla Head of BCS&CMC Nasir Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury VP 68773 01711354402 nasir@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Romana Afroze SPO 68773 01717493169 romana@abbl.com
Kakrail Head of BCS&CMC Md. Hafizur Rahman EVP 9339036(Ext-101) 01791318039 hafiz@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Abu Hanif Patwary AVP 9339036(Ext-110) 01817127474 Hanif@abbl.com
Karwan Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Zahiruddin Mohammad Babar Khan EVP 48110264 01554328825 babar@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge SOHELI NASREEN AVP 55011846-7 (120) 01712895050 nasreen@abbl.com
Shyamoli Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Mohammad Saiful Islam SAVP 9103369 01819274083 saifulis@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Ms. Raihana Nasrin SPO 9103369 01733886304 raihana@abbl.com
Madhabdi Head of BCS&CMC Mr. S. M. Mohiul Azam Chowdhury SAVP 889446113 01759947474 smmohiul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Md. Shamim Sikder SO 889446113 01818939927 ssikder@abbl.com
Mirpur Head of BCS & CMC Md. Mahtab Uddin SAVP 9013693 01712732094 Mahtab@abbl.com
Branch FD In Charge Md. Mahmudul Hasan SO 9013693 01716595552 mahmudulh@abbl.com
Mohakhali Head of BCS&CMC SYED FARHAD ALAM SVP 9842567-8 Ext.101 01784212383 farhad@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Tahmida Begum AVP 9842567-8 Ext.110 01783365239 tahmida@abbl.com
Mymensingh Head of BCS&CMC Monoranjan Dutta VP (091) 66825 01711408137 mdutta@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge A.K.M. Mamunul Haque SPO (091) 66825 01912544952 akhaque@abbl.com
Jinjira Head of BCS&CMC Md. Abdul Malek SAVP 7763367 01711393842 amalek@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Rezaul Haque SPO 7763367 01715474044 rhaque@abbl.com
Nawabpur Head of BCS&CMC Md. Atiqul Haque SAVP 9566005 Ext-101 01936148938 atiqulh@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mohammad Anwar Hossain SPO 29566005 Ext-108 01914860856 mahossain@abbl.com
Progoti Sharani Head of BCS&CMC Mr. S. M. Musa Karim VP 8836329-30 Ext-101 01711315046 musa@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Mohammad Hossain Billah AVP 8836329-30 Ext-108 01915193023 billah@abbl.com
Rokeya Sharani Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Chowdhury A.N.M Ali Beg VP 9012607, 9014290 01777076022 abeg@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Nashir Uddin SPO 9014290 01715193966 Nashir@abbl.com
Tangail Head of BCS&CMC Bijoy Kumar Roy VP 61508 Ext-101,102 01711822366 bkroy@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Aminul Islam Officer 61508 Ext-106 01717002734 aminulm@abbl.com
Seed Store Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Md. Kabir Hossain AVP N/A 01819166981 khossain@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Khalilur Rahman SO N/A 01711202006 Khalilur@abbl.com
Brahmanbaria Head of BCS&CMC Md. Soheab Imran VP 59743 , 58452 Ext- 101 01712892887 soheab@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Najmul Hasan SO 58452 Ext.105 01758022289 nazmulh@abbl.com
Chandra Head of BCS&CMC Syed Sohail Azad SAVP 9202448 01713033735 sohail@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Masudur Rahman Officer 9202448, 9202466 01819114829 mrahman@abbl.com
Chandpur Head of BCS&CMC Md. Shahnoor Alam SAVP 66151 01731651480 snalam@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Imam Hossain SPO 66152 Ext -108 01716088803 mimam@abbl.com
Dhanmomdi Head of BCS&CMC Mr Imtiaz Ahmed VP 58151758 01713212511 orashid@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Obaidur Rashid Khan AVP 58151758 01749469759 orashid@abbl.com
Gulshan Head of BCS&CMC Shawkat Aziz SVP 9887169, Ext- 101 01713019320 Shawkat@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Ms. Shahana Parveen SPO 9887169, Ext-110 01914940924 snapervn@abbl.com
Malibagh Head of BCS&CMC Rukshana Rahman VP 9354638 Ext 101 01711688770 rukshana@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Nasrin Akhter PO 9354638 Ext 104 01837721115 nasrina@abbl.com
Imamgonj Head of BCS&CMC Tushar Kumar Pal SAVP 57315487 Ext-101 01976112424 tushar@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Chittaranjan Roy AVP 57315487 Ext-110 01712733414 chittarnjn@abbl.com
Islampur Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Moniruzzaman SAVP 57390536/57396060, Ext-101 01914259704 moniruzzaman@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Md. Masud Hossain Rana SO 57390536/57396060, Ext-109 01716743333 masudrana@abbl.com
Joypara Head of BCS&CMC Md. Zahir Uddin Khan SAVP 7768164-5 Ext-101 01715832550 zukhan@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Omar Faruque AVP 7768164-5 Ext-107 01712707903 omarf@abbl.com
Narayanganj Head of BCS&CMC Mohammad Tota Mia SAVP 7634707 01716042753 tota@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mohammad Razaul Karim PO 7610124 01716304019 mrkarim@abbl.com
New Elephant Road Head of BCS&CMC Mohd. Mahmudur Rahman Bakul EVP 58613967, 9674002 01733700555 bakul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Morsheda Begum SAVP 58616137, 9674002 01911662782 morshedab@abbl.com
North South Road Head of BCS&CMC Syed Md. Foiz Bin Mahfuz VP 9590860, 9565956 01911016004 foiz@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Bilkis Sultana SAVP 9565956 01713010678 bsultana@abbl.com
Pagla Head of BCS&CMC Abu Tarek Md. Mostofa SAVP 47696160-61 01819441229 atmmostofa@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Nur Mohammad Chowdhury SPO 47696160-61, 01716458860 nurmd@abbl.com
Ashugonj Head of BCS&CMC Abdul Mannan Majumder SAVP 874575, 74574 Ext- 101 01712198775 mannan@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mustafa Miah SO 874575, 74574 Ext- 106 01922054383,
Savar Head of BCS&CMC Md.Suruj Ali Bhutto VP N/A 01984742286 bhutto@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md.Amir Hossain SO N/A 01912431669 amhossain@abbl.com
Uttara Head of BCS&CMC Mohammad Omar Faruq Khan SAVP 58957758 01712262170 omar@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Abdur Razzaque SPO 58957758 01710616387 razzaque@abbl.com
Banani Head of BCS&CMC Md. Saifuddin Sarker SAVP 9891617 01772370477 saifuddin@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Muhammad Shahinur Islam SO 9890865 Ext-108 01976062140 mshahinur@abbl.com
Bashundhara Head of BCS&CMC M.A. Sadique Khan Majlish VP 55038994-5 01714765851 masadique@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Farhana Parveen SPO 55038994 Ext-107 01721660160 parveen@abbl.com
Jatrabari Head of BCS&CMC Zar-E-Alahi Khan AVP 27541919 01911213095 alahi@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Muhammad Suhrab Hossain SO 27541920 01718964338 suhrab@abbl.com
Bhulta Head of BCS&CMC Md. Rafiqul Islam SPO N/A 01912860076 rafiqulm@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Syeda Shahnaz Akter SPO N/A 01711978661 shahnaz@abbl.com
Tongi Head of BCS&CMC Md. Mostafizur Rahman AVP 9810092-93 01712184672 mdmostafiz@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Shirajul Islam SO 9810092-93 01912987378 shirajul@abbl.com
Aushtagram Head of BCS&CMC Md. Shamsul Alam Dalim AVP N/A 01733583358 Dalim@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Mahabubur Rahman SPO N/A 01711341153 mmrahman@abbl.com
Kalampur Head of BCS&CMC Md. Ashfaq Ahmed AVP N/A 01972378024 ashfaq@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge S.M. Amir Hossain SPO N/A 01712143945 smamir@abbl.com
Kamrangirchar Head of BCS&CMC R. M. Iftekhar SPO 55160274 01712283159 miftekhar@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Faria Shabnam Sigma SO 55160274 01674991304 faria@abbl.com
Garib E Newaz Head of BCS&CMC Md. Jahangir Alam SVP 55086204-6 01706969116 mjahangir@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Sharifa Ahmmed Sumi SO 55086204-6 01965490912 ssumi@abbl.com
Kalatia Head of BCS&CMC Md. Monir Hossain AVP 910336 01819241250 monirh@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Masud Reza Karim SPO 910336 01754117777 maqsud@abbl.com
Paril Head of BCS&CMC Mamunur Rashid Khan SAVP N/A 01911774245 mamunur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Arif Ahmed SPO N/A 01920711093 aarif@abbl.com
Agrabad Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Nazimuddin EVP 2514346, 713381-83 Ext-101 01777899613 nazimuddin@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Md. Ayub Ali SAVP 2517013, 713381-83 Ext-104 01714087878 ayubali@abbl.com
Choumuhuni Head of BCS&CMC Tapan Kanti Podder SAVP 51099 01712123815 tapan@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mohammed Humayan Kabir PO 51099 01911298286 humayank@abbl.com
EPZ Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Swarup Kumar Sen Sarma VP 741150 01867299560 swarup@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Pankaj Saha AVP 741152 01817724941 pankaj@abbl.com
Feni Head of BCS&CMC Md. Abu Taleb VP 63099 01777574474 mataleb@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Abdul Hye Mazumder SPO 63098 01714202246 hmazumder@abbl.com
Hathazari Head of BCS&CMC A.S.M.Mesbahuddin VP 2601340 01819324716 mesbahuddin@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Abdul Halim SAVP 2601532 01820007750 halim@abbl.com
Jubilee Road Head of BCS&CMC Md. Osman Gani Chowdhury VP 623316, 613362 01732616785 osman@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Ms. Warchia Begum AVP 623316, 613362 01819012600 warchia@abbank.com
Nazumeah Hat Head of BCS&CMC Md. Ibrahim VP 670628 01771298101 mdibrahim@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Kazi Md. Salim AVP 670628 01819066375 mkselim@abbl.com
Sandwip Head of BCS&CMC Md Khairul Mostafa Bhuiyan SAVP 56075 01833115843 mostafa@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md Rejaul Karim SO 56075 01917974704 rejaul@abbl.com
Port Cont. Road Head of BCS&CMC Mohiul Ali Azime VP 727321, 727844 01933428381 mohiul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Rezina Sultana SPO 727844 Ext-108 01715743555 rezinas@abbl.com
Patherhat Head of BCS&CMC Mohammed Nurul Hoque AVP 01823000299/031 01819323665 nurulh@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Shymol Das Gupta PO 01823000299/031 01819635877 shymol@abbl.com
Sitakunda Head of BCS&CMC Shimul Tapash Barua VP 56007, 56160 01554347633 shimul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Jahangir Kabir Chy. AVP 56007, 56160 01816711893 jahangirk@abbl.com
Dewanhat Head of BCS&CMC MD. JASHIM UDDIN CHOWDHURY VP 724058, 724059 Ext-101 01882358213 jashim@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge MOWSUMI DAS PO 724059 Ext-104 01817759735 mowsumi@abbl.com
Station Road Head of BCS&CMC Ms. Fawla Chowdhury SVP 611030 01711963014 fawla@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Ms. Pong Ching Nue SAVP 611030 01817733507 pching@abbl.com
Khatungonj Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Ajoy Das SVP 611176 01727605832 ajoy@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Kazal Kanti Nath SAVP 611176 01818917598 kazal@abbl.com
Anderkilla Head of BCS&CMC Champak Chakrabortty SVP 613158 01777388039 champak@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mizanur Rahman SPO 617242 01711941855 mizan@abbl.com
Chawk Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Mr.Main Uddin Ahmed VP 31618350 01817796262 muahmed@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr.Obaidur Rashed SPO 31618805 01768660066 obaidurr@abbl.com
Bahaddar Hat Head of BCS&CMC Md. Fasiul Hoque VP 2553433 01819637635 fasiul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Dhiman Kumar Rakshit AVP 650689 Ext-108 01554339792 Dhiman@abbl.com
Boalkhali Head of BCS&CMC Mr. H.M. Ali Murshed Khan VP 56180 01711169278 hmmorshed@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Mohammad Abdus Sabur SPO 56075 01819967954 sabur@abbank.com.bd
CDA Avenue Head of BCS&CMC Mohammad Dider Alam SAVP 654368 01819388667 mdider@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Yasmin Akhter AVP 654368 01819603700 yakhter@abbl.com
Cox's Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Bashit Ashraf VP 64502 01882784785 bashit@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Nurul Abser SO 64265 Ext-103 01975420840 abser@abbl.com
Khulshi Head of BCS&CMC MD. MAHTABUR RAHMAN EVP 2551657 01819321333 mahtabur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge MD. SHAMSUR RAHMAN SPO 2551649 01710805235 shamsur@abbl.com
Lohagara Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Salahuddin Chy VP 56047 01819795718 salahuddin@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Md. Sadekuzzaman SPO 56047 01818573612 sadekuz@abbl.com
Pahartali Head of BCS&CMC Md.Solaiman VP 2770981-82 01864849997 solaima@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md.Asruf Uddin SO 2770981-82 01817583909 asruf@abbl.com
Teknaf Head of BCS & CMC Md. Nurul Hossain SAVP 342675090 01819095703 mdnurul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Sayed Sarwar Jahan Suman SO 342675090 01818150087 sjahan@abbl.com
Chakaria Head of BCS&CMC Md. Moin Uddin SAVP 58133 01818205818 moinu@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Muhammad Mosharef Hossain SO 58134 01816306015 mosharef@abbl.com
Chaturi Head of BCS&CMC MOHAMMED FORKAN AVP 956064 01819520072 mdforkan@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge SHOWRIN KUMAR CHOWDHURY SO 956064 00019162036 showrin@abbl.com
Banskhali Head of BCS&CMC Nur Kader SPO N/A 01711588665 nur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mohammad Neyamat Ullah Khan SO N/A 01712058891 neyamat@abbl.com
Momin Road Head of BCS&CMC Md. Sarwarul Karim Azad VP 2850417, 2850418 01817769035 sarwar@abb.com
Branch FD in Charge Badsha Meah SPO 2850418 01732075792 badsha@abbl.com
Boroikandi Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Ashit Chandra Dutta SAVP 717075, 714374 01711161098 adutta@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mohammad Sahidul Haque PO 717075, 714374 01717742222 sahidul@abbl.com
Chhatak Head of BCS&CMC Ahmed Monnun Panna AVP 56057 01720567090 monnun@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Bidhan Krisna Roy SO 56057 01711101562 bidhank@abbl.com
Dargah gate Head of BCS&CMC Mr.Md.Oliur Rahman SAVP 715736, 717006 Ext-101 01711887230 oliur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr.Abdul Malik AVP 715736, 717006 Ext-108 01911572421 malik@abbl.com
Garden Tower Head of BCS&CMC Md. Mahbubur Rahman Lasker SAVP 725042 Ex-101 01711432967 lasker@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Nurul Islam PO 725042 Ext-105 01716134380 nuislam@abbl.com
VIP Road Head of BCS&CMC Md. Abdus Salam SVP 714052-54 01711844601 salam@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Abdul Md. Abdul Muyeen PO 714052-54 01712859771 muyeen@abbl.com
Moulvi Bazar Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Abu Talib SAVP 53152 01742497126 mtaleb@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Prasenjit Kumer Biswas PO 52880 Ext-104 01717021012 prasenjit@abbl.com
Sreemongal Head of BCS&CMC A.K.M. MOZIRUL HAQUE VP 71718 01711859333 mozirul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge ZIAUR RAHMAN KHAN PO 71322 01716295958 ziaur@abbl.com
Tajpur Head of BCS&CMC S.M.SUJJAD ALI AVP 824256475 01711966666 sujjad@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge MD.SABIKUL ISLAM SO 824256475 01714880330 sabikul@abbl.com
Madhabpur Head of BCS&CMC Syed Mahmudul Haque SAVP 56355 01714000874 mahmudul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Kaisar Miah PO 56355 Ext-106 01712118830 kaisar@abbl.com
Habigonj Head of BCS&CMC Md. Liakat Ali Khan SAVP 63544 01712051399 liakat@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Jahurul Alam SPO 63543 01712987475 jahurul@abbl.com
Barisal Head of BCS&CMC Md.Bakauddin Mia AVP 63562 01711069009 bmiah@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge M.M Sabbir Hasan SO 63561 01716406218 sabbir@abbl.com
Benapole Head of BCS&CMC M. M. Ashiqueuzzaman SAVP 75664 01711171353 mmashiq@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Monjur Moula Ripon SO 75664 01713900248 mmonjur@abbl.com
Jessore Head of BCS&CMC Md. Emdadul Haque SAVP 42161072 01711385213 emdadul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Nazmul Hasan SO 42161072 01717582386 mnazmul@abbl.com
Jhikargacha Head of BCS&CMC Md. Mahmudul Quddus VP 71255 01711899189 mquddus@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Mizanur Rahaman SO 71255 01713746223 mizanr@abbl.com
Khulna Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Anis Uddin Ahmed VP N/A 01712515764 auahmed@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Ms. Lailatun-Nesa SO N/A 01711388739 lailatun@abbl.com
Kushtia Head of BCS&CMC Md. Musleh Uddin SAVP 61980 Ext-101 01711959664 musleh@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Shahnawaz Kazol SO 61980 Ext-108 01721848349 kazol@abbl.com
Satkhira Head of BCS&CMC Mr.Md.Sahiduzzaman SAVP 63277 01711385210 szaman@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr.Md.Mahbubul Haque SPO 63277 01711153451 mahbubul@abbl.com
Jhenidah Head of BCS&CMC Md. Abdul Alim SPO 64041 01784168071 maalim@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Jamal Badsha SO 64041 01719209675 jbadsha@abbl.com
Faridpur Head of BCS&CMC Gazi Golam Kibria SAVP N/A 01754511198 gkibria@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md Mohidul Islam PO N/A 01911654349 mohidul@abbl.com
Bogra Head of BCS&CMC Mohd. Taleb Taher SAVP 66786 01919057244 taher@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Fahimuddin AVP 66621 01728032245 faimuddin@abbl.com
Chapainawabganj Head of BCS&CMC Mr. Md. Abdul Hadi VP 52726, Ext-101 01714723081 hadi@abbank.com.bd
Branch FD in Charge Quazi Md. Shomrat Alam SPO 52726 01754829492 Shomrat@abbl.com
Dinajpur Head of BCS&CMC Md. Rabiul Haque SAVP 62030 Ext-101 01712587907 rabiul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Kaiser Chistee SPO 62030 Ext-111 01816857500 chistee@abbl.com
Naogaon Head of BCS&CMC Md. Mizanur Rahman AVP 74163030 01911153239 mmizanur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Shamim Ahmed SO 63060 Ext-105 01716303752 shamimd@abbl.com
Rajshahi Head of BCS&CMC Mr. A.T.M. Nurullah VP 774283 Ext-101 01711390728 mnuru@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Mr. Md. Mahbub Hasan PO 774283 Ext-104 01712654840 hasanm@abbl.com
Rangpur Head of BCS&CMC Md. Fazle Rahman VP 65206 Ext-101 01711055285 fazler@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Zamiur Rahman PO 65206 Ext-106 01718408840 zamiur@abbl.com
Saidpur Head of BCS&CMC A.T.M. Rafiqul Islam AVP 72031 Ext-101 01718334198 atmrafiqul@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Khalequzzaman Prodhan SPO 72031 Ext-108 01718066540 prodhan@abbl.com
Pabna Head of BCS&CMC Md. Shah Alam Chowdhury SAVP 66538 01711225530 shahalam@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md. Rokibul Hashan PO 66538 01716212868 rokibul@abbl.com
Sirajgonj Head of BCS&CMC Md. Abdul Mannan AVP 64749 01717062462 mamann@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Md.Mostafezur Rahman SPO 64717 01719805788 mostafezur@abbl.com
Lalmanirhat Head of BCS&CMC Sufi Sazedur Rahman SAVP 62221 01727214717 sazedur@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Abdul Motin SO N/A 01734280303 motin@abbl.com
Islami Banking Branch Head of BCS&CMC A.B.M. Abdus Sattar EVP 8332235 01867397210 abmsattar@abbl.com
Branch FD in Charge Samsun Arifin AVP 8332237-38 Ext-107 01817009554 sarifin@abbl.com

ALTERNATE SITES - Head Office / Branch

Branch Name Branch License Alternate DR Site
Head Office - Divisions / Departments DR Site - Progati Sharani
Corporate Branches (2 Branches)
1 Motijheel AD Branch Principal
2 Principal AD Branch Motijheel
Dhaka Region - 1 ( 15 - Branches)
1 Bandura Non AD Branch Joyapara
2 Bhairab Bazar Non AD Branch Brahmanbaria
3 Board Bazar Non AD Branch Uttara
4 Comilla Non AD Branch Brahmanbaria
5 Kakrail AD Branch Islami Banking
6 Karwan Bazar AD Branch Kakrail
7 Shyamoli NonAD Branch Dhanmondi
8 Madhabdi Non AD Branch Bhairab Bazar
9 Mirpur Non AD Branch Rokeya Sharani
10 Mohakhali AD Branch Gulshan
11 Mymensingh Non AD Branch Board Bazar
12 Jinjira Non AD Branch Islampur
13 Nawabpur AD Branch North South
14 Progoti Sharani Non AD Branch Gulshan
15 Rokeya Sharani Non AD Branch Mirpur
16 Tangail Non AD Branch Chandra
Dhaka Region - 2 ( 15- Branches)
1 Brahmanbaria Non AD Branch Bhairab Bazar
2 Chandra Non AD Branch Tangail
3 Chandpur Non AD Branch Comilla
4 Dhanmondi AD Branch New Elephant Road
5 Gulshan AD Branch Mohakhali
6 Malibagh NonAD Branch Kakrail
7 Imamgonj AD Branch North South
8 Islampur Non AD Branch Nawabpur
9 Joypara Non AD Branch Bandura
10 Narayanganj AD Branch Pagla
11 New Elephant Road AD Branch Dhanmondi
12 North South Road AD Branch Nawabpur
13 Pagla Non AD Branch Narayanganj
14 Savar Non AD Branch Uttara
15 Uttara AD Branch Board Bazar
16 Ashugonj Non AD Branch Bhairab Bazar
Chittagong Region - 1 (12 Branches)
1 Agrabad AD Branch CDA Avenue
2 Choumuhuni Non AD Branch Feni Branch
3 EPZ AD Branch Station Road
4 Feni Non AD Branch Choumuhuni
5 Hathazari Non AD Branch Shitakunda
6 Jubilee Road AD Branch Station Road
7 Nazumeah Hat AD Branch Bahaddarhat
8 Port Cont. Road Non AD Branch Khulshi
9 Patherhat Non AD Branch Nazumeah Hat
10 Sitakunda Non AD Branch Feni
11 Station Road AD Branch EPZ
12 Dewanhat Non AD Branch Agrabad
Chittagong Region - 2 ( 11 Branches)
1 Khatungonj AD Branch Chawkbazar
2 Anderkilla Non AD Branch Jubilee Road
3 Chawk Bazar Non AD Branch Jubilee Road
4 Bahaddar Hat Non AD Branch Nazumiah Hat
5 Boalkhali Non AD Branch Nazumiah Hat
6 CDA Avenue AD Branch Agrabad Bazar
7 Cox's Bazar Non AD Branch Teknaf
8 Khulshi Non AD Branch Agrabad Bazar
9 Lohagara Non AD Branch Boalkhali
10 Pahartali Non AD Branch Khulshi
11 Teknaf AD Branch Cox's Bazar
12 Chakaria Non AD Branch Cox's Bazar
13 Sandiwp Non AD Branch Agrabad
Sylhet Region - 8 Branches
1 Boroikandi Non AD Branch Garden Tower
2 Chhatak Non AD Branch Tajpur Branch
3 Dargah gate AD Branch VIP Road
4 Garden Tower Non AD Branch Boroikandi
5 VIP Road AD Branch Dargah gate
6 Moulvi Bazar Non AD Branch Sreemongal
7 Sreemongal Non AD Branch Moulvi Bazar
8 Tajpur Non AD Branch Dargah gate
9 Madhabpur Non AD Branch Sreemongal
10 Habigonj Non AD Branch Madhabpur
Khulna Region - 7 Branches
1 Barisal Non AD Branch Khulna
2 Benapole Non AD Branch Jikargacha
3 Jessore AD Branch Jikargacha
4 Jhikargacha Non AD Branch Jessore
5 Khulna AD Branch Satkhira
6 Kushtia Non AD Branch Rajshahi
7 Satkhira Non AD Branch Khulna
Rajshahi Region - 8 Branches
1 Bogra AD Branch Naogaon
2 Chapainawabganj AD Branch Rajshahi
3 Dinajpur Non AD Branch Saidpur
4 Naogaon Non AD Branch Bogra
5 Rajshahi AD Branch Chapainawabganj
6 Rangpur AD Branch Saidpur
7 Saidpur Non AD Branch Rangpur
8 Sirajgonj Non AD Branch Tangail
9 Pabna Non AD Branch Sirajgonj
Islami Banking - 1 Branch
1 Islami Banking Branch Non AD Branch Kakrail Branch
Overseas - 1 Branch
1 Mumbai Head Office IT, Dhaka

Mumbai Branch Grievance Re-dressal & Nodal Officer

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