New Cheque Book

As per Bangladesh Bank Guideline we have introduced MICR coded cheque leaves from June 6, 2009, which is customized by the Bank for each and every customer. MICR is a process of printing cheques using magnetic ink and special fonts to create machine-readable information. The key benefits of MICR cheques are:

  • Quick processing and faster cheque clearing time
  • Prevent cheque related fraudulent activities

Please submit your requisition slip (available in your existing cheque book) duly signed by you for a new Personalized MICR coded Cheque Book at AB Bank PLC. Branch where you have opened your account. Personalized MICR coded Cheque Book will be supplied within 3 (three) working days on receipt of your requisition. You can conveniently collect the Cheque Book from your AB Bank branch.

For any further queries, please feel free to contact any of our branches.