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Home Loan




  • Purchase of Apartment/independent house with in the Municipal areas of cities, not more than 15 years old.
  • Construction of old/new house.
  • Renovation of house.
  • Loan take over facility from other banks.
Loan Ceiling
  • 70% of the value of the apartment /construction cost subject to Maximum TK. 2.00 Cr.
  • Application fee: Free
  • Processing fee: Loan Limit up to Tk.50.00 lac @0.50% but not over Tk.15,000.
    Loan Limit above Tk.50.00 lac @0.30% but not over Tk.20,000.
  • Maximum 20 Years
Rate of Interest
Insurance Coverage
  • Property insurance for Earthquake and Fire.
  • Life insurance (optional).
  • Registered mortgage of property along with registered IGPA to sell the property.
No guarantee.

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