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What is “AB HEIGHT”?

It is a transactional deposit account with inherent credit card facility and attractive features aligning with the need of a segment of middle class and upper middle class people. Minimum opening balance of the account is Tk.100,000 which can only be withdrawn at the time of account closing.

Meaning of “AB HEIGHT”

AB stands for AB Bank Ltd.
H stands for Honor
E stands for Education
I stands for Insurance
G stands for Goods
H stands for Health
T stands for Travel & Trust

Interest rate?

 5%, however, rate might be reviewed from time to time by ALCO or such committee thereof
Interest will be paid on quarterly basis

Opening Balance

Tk.100,000.00 (Tk. One Lac).

Maximum Amount

No ceiling .

What is Special of this Account?

Pre-approved Credit Card with a limit of Tk.10.00 lac

Insurance facility

Facilities needed for a segment of people like:

  • Discount at various hospitals and diagnostic centers
  • Faster appointment with selective education consultancy firms with discounted price (US/UK/Canada/Australia etc.)
  • Faster and convenient service with discounted price from selective Immigration & Visa Processing centers
  • Tie up with Hotels in and outside the country which will offer discounted price
  • Discounts at eateries, shops etc. throughout the country
  • Discount at Beauty/Gents parlor
  • Meet and Greet Assistant (MGA) Service
  • Many more services to be included gradually

Free Internet banking

No restriction on the number of transaction supported by Transaction Profile

Credit Card Processing Fees?

Yes, as per Schedule of Charges

Credit Card Annual Fees?

Yes, as per Schedule of Charges

Is Supplementary Card Available?


Who are eligible?

Individuals aged 18 years and above either in Single name or in Joint Name

Can proprietor/ partnership farm/ limited liability company can open this account?


What if the Balance falls below Tk.1.00 lac due to deduction of various service charges at the beginning?

Client have to deposit Tk.1.05 lac

What would be the treatment of Credit Card if the Balance falls below Tk.1.00 lac?

Credit card will be as it is. However, the client will be requested to enhance his at least limit up to Tk.1.00 lac


Existing nomination policy will be applicable.

Process of Account Closing:
  • Regular Closing Charge will be imposed
  • Client will have to adjust the entire Credit Card dues before releasing the amount, or,
  • Client will have to adjust the upper limit of Tk.1.00 lac the rest of which will be adjusted with the account balance
  • Client’s Credit card will also be closed
Death of account holder

Nominee will be entitled with the benefit, otherwise, succession certificate will be required. However, firstly loan to be adjusted from the balance.

Account Opening Form
  • Existing/BB prescribed account opening form
  • Terms and Condition affixed in the email will be signed in addition to the existing Terms and Condition, however, this will be incorporated in the form at the time of reprinting.
  • Client will have to fill up the charge documents while opening the account covering Tk.1.50 lac
What is the maximum withdrawal limit of the Debit card?

Maximum withdrawal limit is Tk. 2.00 lac per day from ATMs and Tk.3.00 lac from Branch POS through this Debit Card.

How Tax, excise duty and VAT of this account to be charged?

All will be borne by the client

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