AB জন্মভূমি MSDS
(Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme)

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AB জন্মভূমি MSDS (Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme)

What is AB জন্মভূমি MSDS (Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme)

AB জন্মভূমি MSDS is a monthly installment based scheme product in local currency for NRB wage earner individuals, which gives them more than the generic MSDS interest on their hard earned small savings and ensure their future security.

AB জন্মভূমি MSDS Account type

Taka Account.


AB জন্মভূমি MSDS Account Interest rate is 0.50% higher than AB Bank’s existing MSDS.

Minimum Installment Size

Taka 500.00 Per month.

Maximum Deposit

Any amount, multiple of Taka 500.00 Per month.


3/5/7/10 Years.

Other Features
  • To pay monthly installment of MSDS account NRBs must have an AB জন্মভূমি Savings account.
  • In case customer permanently returns to Bangladesh prior to maturity of AB জন্মভূমি MSDS, he/she will be able to continue the mentioned MSDS at the existing rate (rate applying to local customers) set by the bank.
  • Non Resident Bangladeshi can avail secured loan facility up to 90% of deposited amount.

Bangladesh Bank expatriate (NRB) banking guideline are applicable.

*Conditions apply

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