Price Sensitive Information

We would like to inform that Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission vide its letter No- BSEC/CI/DS-12/2015/413 dated August 24, 2015 has given consent under the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Private Placement of Debt Securities) Rules, 2012, for raising Tier-II capital by AB Bank Limited amounting to Tk.400.00 (four hundred) crore only through issuance of 7 (seven) years Non-Convertible, Unsecured, Coupon (range 11.5%-13.5% or as fixed by the regulators) bearing AB Bank Subordinated Bond-II through private placement. The consent has been accorded subject to the condition that the Company shall comply with the relevant laws and Regulatory Requirements, and also shall adhere to the conditions imposed by BSEC under Section-2CC of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969.