Mudarabah Savings Deposit (MSD) Account

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Mudarabah Savings Deposit (MSD) Account

Mudarabah Savings Deposit (MSD) Account is operated following the Mudarabah principles. It is a partnership contact between the Bank and the Client. The client provides fund and the bank does business complying the shariah principles. Earned profit is distributed among the partners as per pre-agreed ratio and loss, if any, goes to the account of the depositor.

Key Features

  • Individuals are preferred for this account
  • Minimum opening balance is Tk. 5,000/- while Tk. 1,000/- is required for keeping the account running
  • Provisional Profit is paid on half yearly basis. Final profit is credited to the account after finalization of the Balance Sheet of the Bank/Branch
  • Depositor enjoys right to draw four times in a month without notice.

Privilege of the Customer

  • Cheque book facility
  • Pay Order, T.T, D.D facility
  • Fund transfer facility from Islami banking Branch to any other branches
  • Cost free half-yearly and yearly account statement and balance confirmation certificate
  • Locker service facility

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