Mudarabah Hajj Deposit

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Mudarabah Hajj Deposit

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is compulsory for capable Muslim men and women to perform the Holly Hajj at least once in lifetime. It needs big amount of money to perform the job. It is too hard for the limited earning peoples to manage so big amount at a time. Our Mudarabah Hajj Deposit (MHD) Scheme has opened a close door for them. In this scheme the depositor may open an account for a period between 1-15 years. Installment size is fixed forecasting the amount may be needed at the end of the tenor.

Key Features

  • Any adult Bangladeshi citizen can open this account.
  • Account may also be opened in the name of minors.
  • One or more account may be opened in a single name.
  • Non-resident Bangladeshis also can open this account.
  • Tenor of the deposit is 1, 2, 3………….. 15 years.
  • Monthly deposit amount is Tk. 500/- or its multiple, such as, Tk. 1,000/-, 1,500/-, 2,000/- ……10,000/-,15,000/-, Tk.20,000/- etc.
  • Profit is applied considering weightage at higher side.
  • After maturity total amount with profit can be drawn at a time for performing Hajj. If closing amount does not serve Hajj expenditure, the client will manage the deficit amount.

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