Debit Card

Who can apply for a Debit Card?

If you are maintaining an account with ABBL, you will be able to have ABBL Visa Debit Card. Please visit AB Bank branch from where you opened the account, fill up the Application Form and submit it. You will receive your card within 7 working days.

Card Activation
  • After receiving the card, sign the acknowledgement slip and send it to your home branch for activation.
  • Put your signature with a ball point pen on the signature panel at the back of your card.
Caution During Making Transactions
  • Please do not let your card be taken out of your sight at any merchant outlet to prevent possible Misuse.
  • After using your card at a merchant outlet, please ensure that the card returned to you is yours.
  • Before signing the Sales Slip, check the amount charged
  • Retain your copy of the Sales Slip of all transactions until they appear in your Card Account Statement for your future reference
PIN Maintenance
  • Destroy the PIN mailer after memorizing your PIN
  • Do not write the PIN on the card or keep the PIN inside your wallet
  • Change the PIN preferably every month
Highest Cash Withdrawal Facility
  • AB bank Debit Card comes with per day Tk. 2,00,000/- cash withdrawal facility.
Highest Purchase Limit
  • At Branch POS Cardholder can withdraw BDT 3,00,000/- per day. At Merchant POS, Retail purchase limit is BDT 2,50,000/- per day for AB Bank Debit Card.
For Lost/Stolen Card

To report and replacement of your lost/stolen Debit Card, please call our eBiz Customer Support at 16207 or +88 096789 16207 or email at or visit any nearest Branch.  Your card will be replaced within 2-3 working days and will be sent to your Branch.

Change of Contact Details
  • Please contact your nearest AB Branch. Our Customer Support Officer (CSO) will assist you.