AB Bank Will Continue Participation in Industry Investment towards National Development


Bank Chairman M Wahidul Haque declares on 30th Anniversary Celebration

AB Bank, the first private sector bank of the country, has achieved its customers’ satisfaction for the last 30 years. The Bank started its commercial operation back in 1982. Within this period the bank has played a vital role in the development of the private sector and in the development of the country. In the near future, the bank has plans to provide the customers with new and innovative services, the Chairman says. He also says the bank intends to enhance its participation in national development through having more share of investment in commerce and industry. On this occasion he thanked the sponsor shareholders for taking the first bold step in setting up the bank. He on behalf of all in the Bank specially thanked and expressed gratitude to Mr. M Morshed Khan and his family for their visionary and bold step to establish the Bank.

He said all these at the press conference that was arranged at a local hotel on the eve of 30th Anniversary celebration. Directors of the bank among with the President and Managing Director M. Fazlur Rahman, Deputy Managing Directors Shamim A. Chaudhury, Badrul H Khan, Ahsan Afzal were present on the occasion.

AB Bank chairman M Wahidul Haque said, ‘Taking into consideration the world economy, AB will step forward through creating newer opportunities for itself with its unique features and stature, meeting domestic demands and aligning with the government policy and programs for economic development. AB Bank since its inception has been continuing moving forward integrating these and ensuring banking for all.  The bank is conducting its operation considering the shareholders and depositors interest as its core obligations religion’. He also said, ‘The customer-friendly initiatives we took have created a unique place for us in the competitive market’. AB Bank has moved a step forward in banking activities through taking its operation in the international arena crossing national boundaries’.

Bank’s Chairman M Wahidul Haque has also expressed gratitude towards all customers, shareholders, regulatory bodies and all patrons in mass media on the occasion of celebrating 30th anniversary of the bank. Being the 1st Private commercial bank in the country, AB Bank is celebrating its 30th anniversary by organizing different events countrywide. Bank has created an education trust fund worth of Tk. 50.00 lac for children of its non-cadre employees to keep them with their higher education. To rejoice the anniversary, Painting & Essay competition ‘Ronger Khela’ and ‘Lekhar Utshab’ had been organized for younger members of AB family. The bank has always been concerned about its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. In addition to this, bank is also arranging Blood Donation Program with ‘Shandhani’, providing food in different orphanages throughout the country and giving computers in 30 educational institutions to ensure use of information technology. Bank also introduced a stipend program named ‘Morshed Khan Education Stipend’ for the students of Chittagong Collegiate School & College, which will play a pivotal role in our education sector.  Bank also plans to continue and strengthen its participate in the educational development of Autistic Children and blind students. It also plans to initiate destitute women help fund with a local NGO.

Other than these, the bank has also arranged different programs in different regions to recognize its customer’s contribution.